Cirrhosis of the Liver Program

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky

Janet Zdichavsky, Cirrhosis Nutrition Specialist, welcomes you to a cirrhosis liver program.

Cirrhosis of the liver is a degenerative inflammatory disease that results in hardening and scarring of liver cells. The liver becomes unable to function properly due to the scarring tissue which prevents the normal passage of blood through the liver.

Appointments and Fees

The Initial 1 1/2-2 hour Consultation is $190.00 incl.
Expert advice, specialized meal plan and healing recipes.

The Second Session is $190.00 incl.
2 weeks later. Second phase of healing with another meal plan and recipes.

Follow -up 1 hour sessions are $125.00 incl.

Six 1 hour sessions package $600 incl.

Common Causes

Most common cause of cirrhosis of the liver is excessive alcohol consumption. A frequent cause of cirrhosis is the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Malnutrition, fatty liver and chronic inflammation can also lead to liver malfunction.

Complications of cirrhosis are common place and as the disease develops, the liver starts losing it’s ability to function.

Find a Natural Cure through Nutrition

The liver is the hardest working organ in the body but it is also one of the easiest organs to rejuvenate. Even in stage 4 of cirrhosis, and the doctor hasn’t given you much hope, or recommends a liver transplant in the future, NUTRITION proves time and time again that you can LIVE and REJUVENATE the liver completely with no drugs, no surgery or liver transplant, even in stage 4 and make a complete recovery!!

My Story

Over 18 years ago, a close family member was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver and was dying in a hospital bed, needing a blood transfusion every week. I had just finished 2 years of nutrition schooling when I found out and chose to move up closer to the hospital to start taking care of him daily, as I knew I could rejuvenate his liver with food. (He did have at least 20% left undamaged) At that time I had a several friends in the holistic field and my teachers helped me with advice if I needed it.

I started feeding him all his meals, and although every day started off as a bad day, we turned each and every day into a good day by the time I went home.

I saw improvement within a month or less. By two months the doctors did as well and my family member felt better. He was still very sick, needing a blood transfusion weekly and was not able to walk, but there were visible signs of improvement. By 3 months he felt a lot better. The doctors told my mother he would live and could have a liver transplant in a year. The 4th month I took him outside in a wheelchair and he was so happy and well on his way to recovery.

By the 5-6 month, I had a birthday party for him in the hospital. They gave him his last blood transfusion and days later, the doctor told me his liver had healed, and that it was because of me that he could go home. They documented everything that I was doing.

I went back and completed two more years of nutrition school and my family member made a complete recovery and today is in Florida with his daughter.

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