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Janet Zdichavsky

Weight Loss Nutritionist Toronto

12 Week Weight Loss Nutrition Program


Win the Battle of Will Power!

Janet Zdichavsky, Toronto Weight Loss Nutritionist, welcomes you to a very unique weight loss program that is based in health with anti-aging benefits.. You won’t find anything out there like it. Make this your last weight loss program. Toronto Weight Loss Nutritionist Janet will teach you how to escape the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain. Studies show that the body gets selfish in its letting go of calories after each diet. The same goes for low caloric intake diets. The body remembers the “dry spell” and aggressively defends itself against the possibility of another “calorie famine” by clinging on to every calorie.

How Does Holistic Nutritionist Janet’s Weight Loss Program Differ?

  1. You are personally counselled by a Clinical Nutritionist specializing in weight loss-not a sales person, trained for the position.
  2. The program is, at its essence, a health program tailored specifically to you to help you lose weight. It is not a one size fits all approach like so many fad diets and programs. You will see both your health and ailments improve while you shed the weight.
  3. Quality natural weight loss supplement is incorporated into the program to help you eliminate cravings and reduce appetite and increase lean muscle.

Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off

Janet works endlessly, researching and compiling information to boost her clients’ success. Her work in weight loss as well as anti-aging and fitness has been extensive and rewarding.  She only uses the highest quality products and nutritional foods for meal choices.  Her background in Clinical nutrition and fitness optimizes her understanding of the body in motion, energy expenditure and requirements which helps her deliver to a client a much more comprehensive and complete understanding of one’s individual health and fitness status.

What else can I expect from attending Janet’s program?

Hormonal Balance For Weight Loss has been incorporated into this program as it could be an important factor in weight gain and especially belly fat for some people.

Because of Janet’s extensive knowledge and her clinical experience, you may notice many other issues that have been plaguing you fall to the wayside. The aging process will slow down to a crawl. Since the whole body and person are being addressed you may for the first time come to understand what great health is really all about. It is a sacred commodity and encompasses far more than losing just inches and pounds.

Program Overview

This, initially, is a 12 week program with Janet. The initial week is 1 hour and 30 minutes, all subsequent weeks are 1 hour. You may be able to lose up to 30-60 pounds in twelve weeks depending on your commitment and goals. This program is an investment into a new you and only costs $550.00 for the entire program. Depending on desired amount of weight loss this program is designed for those who may want extended help and assistance. Add-on 4 week packages are $200 or book another 12 weeks and pay only $450.00 for one hundred dollars in savings. This is a quality program for individuals who are seriously committed and health oriented who also want to make a real change with long lasting results through this in-depth program.

I am a Weight Loss Nutritionist and Anti-Aging Specialist who offers this unique, one-of-a-kind, informative program to lose the fat (weight) ONCE and for all. Health benefits go hand in hand with this weight loss program. The program investment is $550.00.

Weight Loss Package of 4

If you are looking for a weight loss program with less structured accountability, The Weight Loss Package of 4 Program helps you to lose the weight, manage your diet and learn how to eat healthy with meal plans, recipes and strategies to help you reach your goals. This program offers you more flexibility if your schedule doesn’t permit you the time.
The program investment  is $225.00

Initial In-depth Clinical Health Assessment 1 hour +: $90 (Includes diet analysis, 5 day meal plan)

Follow-up 1 hour sessions  $65

Imagine yourself that near perfect size you always dreamed of!
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