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Janet Zdichavsky

Sports Nutritionist Toronto

A well designed nutrition program is often the critical element missing in any fitness or athletes training program.? Toronto Sports Nutritionist Janet will design a personalized Nutrition plan for all your sports and fitness needs.?

Sports Nutrition

Proper attention to your diet is a must for people looking to achieve their optimal physical potential. A sound nutrition plan can help you:

  • Work 100% of your physical potential consistently in workout, training or competitionSports Injuries
  • Achieve body composition goals such as fat loss or muscle gain
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase energy level
  • Decrease injuries
  • Reach your competitive edge

Toronto Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Janet Zdichavsky is passionate about providing elite athletes, sports players and fitness participants reach their competitive edge and all health and fitness goals.

Janet?s education in sports nutrition and personal training as well as her? experience in the health and fitness field and her own personal?sport and fitness goals gives her the ability to look at each client/athletes individual needs, body composition, personal goals and develop tailored meal?plans that work.

Specialized Nutrition Plans for your specific sport or activity such as cycling, running , fitness model, hockey player and many more.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, Janet can help you maximize your performance and health by optimizing your eating.

Consultation $125.00 Inclusive ( incl. after all prices)
Follow ups (1 hr) $75.00 Inclusive
Package of 4 (one hour each) $250.00

To arrange an appointment or inquire about a personal nutrition plan
Call Janet today: 416-494-0354?

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