Toronto Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky rncp rohp

stomach crampsWhat is the Overcoming Allergies plan?
Food allergies can manifest as a rash, fatigue, bloating, migraines, depression or countless other symptoms. Many food allergies and/or sensitivities are directly related to improper digestion. Symptoms of allergies can often be managed by simple nutrition adjustments and improving intestinal health through the guidance of an experienced nutritionist.

Janet, a registered holistic nutritionist, will provide an approach that will explore your intolerances, and work to support you nutritionally allowing your body to reestablish a health balance. In many cases, the foods you have come to avoid may even be able to be re-introduced into your diet.

Is the Overcoming Allergies Plan for you?
When given the proper environment, nutrition and circumstances, the human body has the resilience and the capabilities to overcome allergies and regain true health. Overcoming allergies is the right plan for:

? People with food allergies
? People with food sensitivities
? Anyone with Celiac Disease
? Those with ?unexplainable symptoms?

What will be involved?
You will be given the opportunity to apply some basic knowledge to effectively manage your allergies or sensitivities. This approach takes you on a comprehensive path to wellbeing and eliminating allergies over time. There is an initial commitment of 3 months, during which time you will have one-on?one sessions, unlimited e-mail correspondence, and regular phone checking to support you along the way.

How do I get started?
Calling to book an appointment is the first step. Depending on availability you could be on your journey to health in a matter of days.

Call Janet at ?416-494-0354??to start your journey now