“Janet has been helping me transition into a vegan diet. She has many creative recipes that she recommends to me during our weekly consultations, and is knowledgeable about scientifically proven programs to help with health problems, fitness goals, and weight loss. As an Environmental Science student, I appreciate her advice in helping me choose a diet that is both nutritional and environmentally responsible.”

Sheryl C

“I have been working with Janet since early March 2015 on a weight loss plan. I need to lose many pounds to ease my arthritic hips and knees, and to bring myself back to a more healthy body mass. I thought I was eating pretty healthy, and a lot of my food choices were, but many of them weren?t so much. Also I was eating for the most part 3 meals a day, which often varied in size, and due to the arthritis my activity level right now is extremely low.

Janet helped me design a daily meal plan that would work for me incorporating the foods I like and around my schedule. She showed me what foods to eat and when, and that it is better to eat several small meals and snacks a day rather than just 3 large ones. I have made a lot of these changes to my diet over the last few weeks and to my surprise I am not hungry all the time like I expected, I am enjoying new tastes and some I forgot about, and I don?t experience the heartburn and indigestion I often did especially at night. The best part is I am losing, albeit slowly because of my reduced activity levels, but I am sure it will get better as my overall movements improve.

I have tried many weight loss programs and have gotten bored with them or discouraged along the way and fell off the wagon so to speak. This time though with someone behind me coaching and counseling and cheering me on, I feel a lot more optimistic of reaching my goals.”

Deborah Taylor
AVA Business Services

“I had been diagnosed with IBS over a year ago and have had the symptoms for a very long time. I felt sick a lot of the time and when a friend told me about Janet and how she had helped him with Crohns disease I asked for her number and made an appointment. From the very 1st visit after the thorough assessment Janet made several recommendations and gave me??a new diet to follow. Within days I felt so much better, a lot of the symptoms had disappeared. I was beginning to feel normal again after so long.?I’m so grateful to feel good again.”

Peter Cumberland

“My name is Maurice O?Connor my weight was over three hundred and ten pounds. I had serious problems with my heart rate, up to 165bmp and I thought I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted and not focus on nutrition. I knew I needed to do the right thing and seek a Toronto Nutritionist.

In the first week of changing my diet I lost 10-12 pounds. This was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to lose more weight! The following week I lost 5-6 more pounds and I felt much better than before. I started at 310 pounds, with my Toronto Nutritionists help I lost 85 pounds and I am down to 225 pounds!

Now with my weight loss Nutritionists help I average a weight loss of 3 pounds a week. By eating healthy food and going to the gym my life has become happier and healthier. I feel amazing and look younger! Mentally and physically I am so much stronger and I feel like I can achieve anything, because I am happy with self. Thanks, Janet!”

Maurice O’Connor
Venue Management

“I was seeing Janet because of an allergic reaction on my face that had continued for months. The doctor prescribed hormonal medication that relieved the symptoms but did not provide the cure and caused the skin degeneration. When I asked Janet for help she examined the problem very carefully. She provided me with necessary information and helped me identify the allergen. She gave me advice on how to change my diet and maintain the healthy lifestyle. I followed the plan and soon my symptoms became less severe and then disappeared completely. I am happy to get rid of this unpleasant problem. As you can learn from the website, Janet has overcome her personal health issue. That?s why her approach to your individual situation based not only on the theory but her personal experience, which is the most valuable. I recommend Janet as an experienced and dedicated professional to anyone looking for help with their health issues.”

North York

“Before meeting Janet I was apprehensive about working with a health professional. I assumed incorrectly, that my own study and careful diet were enough. Janet put me at ease by proving remarkably good advice and communicating in a way that was understandable and actionable for me. I look forward to working with Janet in the future and recommend her services for all your health and wellness needs. You will be better soon.”


“I started the weight loss program with Janet about 3 months ago because I was finding it very difficult to lose weight even though I was working out quite regularly. The very first week on the plan I started losing weight. I started to gain more energy and my blood sugar levels evened out. I?ve lost over 30 pounds and I love the way I look now and I feel so much healthier. I?ve learned a lot with Janet and I highly recommend her weight loss program.”

Retail Management

“Janet is a wonderful person who deeply cares about issues affecting the body and mind. Once I started to follow Janet’s nutrition plan I noticed a big change in my overall health. Not only did I lose weight but gone were the bouts of lethargy and in was the bountiful energy and clarity of mind that really made a difference in how I approached life. I would definitely recommend Janet to anyone looking for a nutrition plan that will increase their health and well-being, whether it is weight loss, anti-aging or sports nutrition.”