Winter Food Remedies: Iron Packed Borscht

Written by Toronto Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky RNCP ROHP

BorschtOur winters in Toronto can be challenging at times. The cold weather and snow, lack of sunshine, all the extra clothing we wear, and just getting from one place to another takes a lot more strength than living in the sunny days, not to mention the snow we have to shovel as well. Making sure you have adequate iron levels in these winter months is especially important to make you stronger. By the end of the week I have found making Iron Packed Borscht helps me with just that, feeling stronger, not to mention what a treat and how delicious it taste and easy it is to make.

The beet root, stem and leaves all contain iron as well as the stewing beef. Those are pretty much all the ingredients, plus a few other important nutrients such as garlic. If you workout, or enjoy winter sports, it?s a big plus. So here it is, the Nutritious Borsch recipe that I love. Enjoy and be strong!

6-8 cups of water
1 package stewing beef
1 bunch of beets, (root, stem and leaves)
4-5 cloves of garlic to taste
3-4 bay leaves to taste
2 tbsp milk
? tsp vinegar

Boil water and add washed and bite size pieces of stewing beef to water. Wash and peel beet root. Cut into bite size cubes Lower heat and cook with beef for ? hr. Stir.

Wash the stems and leaves carefully. Cut tips off stems off. Cut leaves and stems into pieces. Add into pot with beef and beet root. Lower heat to simmer. Stir.

Add slices of garlic to pot and bay leaves. Cook until beef and beets are tender.

When cooked add milk to pot for 5 minutes and then add vinegar to taste for another 5 minutes.

Serve: You can add a tsp of sour cr?me or whipped cr?me to bowl of borsch surface with a twig of parsley.

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