Refresh Green Juice

Juicing Recipes with Kale

Refreshing and energizing mixture of fresh juiced?green veggies, topped off with mixed berries and roasted coconut. A really great way to start?your morning.


Juiced 4 leaves of?kale,
1/4 bunch of spinach,
2 sticks of celery,
1/4 cucumber,
some green cabbage leaves,
green apple,
1 small scoop wheatgrass powder
1 tbsp. protein powder? (Sun Warrior)
fresh turmeric
fresh ginger
fresh squeezed 1/2 lemon juice
fresh black berries, raspberries, lime pieces and roasted coconut.



Place all ingredients through juicer except lemon juice, wheatgrass powder,?fresh berries and lime pieces?.

Stir in wheatgrass powder

Stir in lemon juice

Stir in protein powder

Top off? with? fresh black berries, raspberries, and roasted coconut pieces

Add 2 slices of lime pieces on to rim of grass

Drink up and enjoy!