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“Best Weight Loss Program in Toronto”

Janet Zdichavsky – Toronto Weight Loss Nutritionist

Only $500.00 Incl. (includes consultation and eleven 1hr sessions)

Payable in 4 week installment payments




Consultations 1.5 hours – $90.00 inclusive

Packages of 4 one hour sessions – $225.00 inclusive

Packages of 6 one hour sessions – $325.00 inclusive

Work with an Experienced Nutritionist

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Get empowered!



Janet Zdichavsky, Weight Loss Nutritionist Toronto, welcomes you to a unique weight loss program that is rooted in health and anti-aging benefits. You won?t find anything out there like it. Make this your last weight loss program.

When fat cells grow larger, they become increasingly harder to shrink. Toronto Weight Loss Nutritionist Janet will teach you how to escape the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain.

Eat your way to a healthy weight

Sticking to a diet shouldn’t have to be a fight. Janet will find meals and snacks you can enjoy eating and making everyday. She can accommodate vegan diets, allergies, and other lifestyle preferences.

How does Janet’s program differ?

Program Overview

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This, initially, is a 12 week quality program for individuals who are seriously committed and health oriented. Make real change with long lasting results through this in-depth program. The initial week is a 1 hour and 30 minutes session, all subsequent weeks are 1 hour. You may be able to lose up to 30-60 pounds in twelve weeks depending on your commitment and goals. This program is an investment into a new lifestyle for only $500.00.

Packages of 4 or 6 sessions are also available (see above for pricing).

Contact for Consulting

Call Janet today: 416-494-0354

Imagine yourself that near perfect size you always dreamed of! Don’t wait, book today.