About Janet

Janet?s journey with nutrition began over ten years ago when she became alarmed about a health issue and began rapidly self educating herself in the area of natural health and nutrition. She also had enrolled in a Nutrition program for one year and had received her certificate with Honors in Holistic Nutrition with the Edison Institute of Nutrition and by this time had turned her health issues around.

Janet then learned that her brother was in the hospital dying of liver disease. She started going to the hospital every day feeding him easy to digest nourishing and healing foods and juices for four months. Everything she did was documented and after four months her brother?s doctor told her that he could go home, his liver had rejuvenated naturally and it was all because of her. She had saved her brother?s life.

Janet continued her education and in another year received her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition with honors. By this time she had realized fitness was part of the healthy equation and took a Personal Training course with Can-Fit-Pro learning about the body in motion, kinetics and energy expenditure, as well as fitness programs. An additional 1 year of Sports Nutrition education and certificate put her into the health and fitness field as a Nutrition Consultant and Sports nutritionist and she also started growing her private practice.

Janet?s ongoing education has put a focus on clinical nutrition to ensure her clients health and support provides them with optimal results and understanding of their health status. Her anti-aging education and experience is integrated into her programs to ensure long term results as well as the life long health benefits. Janet has much success with providing optimal results for most of her clients with health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, food allergies, high blood pressure and many others. She is dedicated to helping each and every one of her clients reach their optimal health. This has come through years of on going and continuous education, hard work and experience.

Janet?s last two years have been dedicated to courses in healthy cooking including Vegan. Classic and Raw food preparation as well as now creating her own nourishing healthy recipes seen on site and mainly on facebook page Janet Holistic. As her clients benefit by learning how to use healthier and real ingredients as well as amazing recipes. Cooking and food preparation classes upon request.

Additionally Janet is:
? Registered Nutrition Consultant Practitioner RNCP
? Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner ROHP
? Clinical Nutritionist
? Weight Loss Specialist
? Anti-Aging Nutritionist
? Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Adviser
? Currently taking credited course in Cancer Coaching and Advanced Athletic Nutrition (to be completed by the end of 2012)
? Has a vast knowledge and experience with disease, nutrition and fitness


About Janet Zdichavsky

About Janet Toronto Nutritionist Registered with I.O.N.C. and an Associated Member of Natural Medicine Council Janet provides nutrition counselling for all your health concerns, whether due to diabetes, food allergies, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma and the list extends much more, or weight /fat issues, sports nutrition, tranforming to vegetarian or just wanting to learn how to eat proper balanced meals. Janet is highly educated and experienced in the field of nutrition, natural medicine associate, healthy lifestyle, personal training background, excels with a proven weight loss/anti-aging program and has helped thousands in the GTA for over 10 years.
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