Detoxification the Right Way

broccoliBeing a Toronto Nutritionist for many years I?m totally aware of the importance of detoxification and all the different diets, and cleanses out there that are offered to you. What your really being offered is a quick fix! ?Many of you are under the impression that cleansing is the answer to detoxifying the body and very low caloric diets are recommended which translates into rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss though is not a healthy way to go and is not the answer to cleansing. Studies have shown that fasting, low caloric diets etc. can increase the risk of organ injury from new toxins because it depletes nutrients required to sustain detoxification pathways. Detoxification is an extremely complex process. The liver filters blood, enzymatically breaks down and removes toxins through phase 1 and phase II detoxification. During phase 1, toxins are prepared for elimination via the phase II detoxification pathway.

Nutritional support for phase 1 include Complex B vitamins, folic acid, milk thistle, vitamin E and selenium. Also eating plenty of vegetables and some fruit contain the anti-oxidants needed in phase 1 and especially cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower that are rich in compounds that promote phase II detoxification. Phase II also include Sulforaphane, Schizandra, Taurine, Glutamoine, elimination of toxins Artichoke Leaf.

Also eating a healthy diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will promote health, and detoxification. Support from some of the nutrients mentioned in phase 1 and phase II will further assist you in achieving your detoxification potential on a daily basis. ?That?s the right way.

In conclusion to stimulate Liver Detoxification reduce intake of processed foods and eat more, fresh, raw and whole foods. Exercise regularly. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, carbonated drinks and coffee. Get the nutrients you need to support your detoxification system.

Written by Toronto Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky RNCP ROHP

About Janet Zdichavsky

About Janet Toronto Nutritionist Registered with I.O.N.C. and an Associated Member of Natural Medicine Council Janet provides nutrition counselling for all your health concerns, whether due to diabetes, food allergies, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma and the list extends much more, or weight /fat issues, sports nutrition, tranforming to vegetarian or just wanting to learn how to eat proper balanced meals. Janet is highly educated and experienced in the field of nutrition, natural medicine associate, healthy lifestyle, personal training background, excels with a proven weight loss/anti-aging program and has helped thousands in the GTA for over 10 years.
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