Nutrition Seminars

Nutrition ProgramToronto Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky CORPORATE AND LEARNING NUTRITION SEMINARS

Janet, TORONTO’S CORPORATE NUTRITIONIST is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring nutrition expert who offers corporate nutrition & learning seminars, and delivers presentations at corporation workplace, conferences and schools. Nutrition seminars and workshops usually run for 1 hour and are tailored to suit your organization. They may be set up in your boardroom or other meeting space convenient to you.


 A Healthier tomorrow  Increasing energy levels  Anti-aging and longevity
 Disease prevention  Weight loss strategies  Stess control
 Eating right; It’s easy and it pays  smart  Food, mood and down to the  core  The skinny on fats
 Menopause, PMS and hormonal  changes  Fitness nutrition  Preventing cancer
 Preventing heart disease  Healthy foods to eat daily  Food,mood and down to the  core
 Nutrition: What is a balanced diet  Navigating the food courts  Lunch bag and organization  tips
 Digestive diseases- Colitis, Crohn’s,  Ciliac


One hour nutrition seminars $175.00 for under 20 persons
Check your health plan for special coverage
One-one counseling is available for those who would like to continue improving their health and special needs $40.00 session at your workplace, or my practice.

Contact Janet and let her design a seminar based on your organizations special needs.
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