Green Giant Smoothie with Bee Pollen


SUPER FOOD BEE POLLEN – Bee Pollen is the male seed of flowers. It is 40% complete protein higher than any other food including animal protein and it is a free amino acid protein that is readily available to the body. A great source of protein for athletes as well as vegetarians to boost their protein requirement. It is considered one of the most complete nourishing foods and contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. It contains all the essential components of life.

It rejuvenates and considered an energy and nutrition in Chinese medicine. It improves endurance and vitality, extends longevity, shortens recovery from chronic illness and reduces cravings and addictions. Rich in vitamins as a matter of fact richest source of vitamins than in any other single food. Contains a high content of RNA and DNA. It normalizes cholesterol levels in blood as well as triglycerides.

To start taking Bee Pollen start by a few granules a day, leading up to one teaspoon and then to one tablespoon. Do not cook with Bee Pollen, heat destroys the active enzymes and nutrients but otherwise put in smoothies, recipes without cooking like 5 Seed Energy Bars, dressings, cereal. It is a food with some fats so keep refrigerated. Truly a Super Food! It?s part of my nutrition routine and I use it in many of my healthy recipes.

A powerhouse nutritious green drink with a good source of B12 from the Bee Pollen. It?s also fabulous in helping the the body detoxify and in health and well being.


4 ripe bananas
1/2 bunch spinach
2 cups orange juice
1 tablespoon of bee pollen sprinkled on top if you like


Blend and Enjoy!