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Collagen-boosting Juice and What You Should know about eating the right plants

Learn how to boost your collagen production and reverse your body’s natural internal clock.

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth and the truth is we already have it. We all contain the secret to younger looking skin we just have to learn how to tend to it.

It’s Collagen!

The same product that drugstores market and will their shelves is right in us. 70% IN OUR SKIN and 35% and the rest of us. Collagen is responsible for supple-looking skin, healthy, strong bones and well oiled joints. When it starts to wane, it’s responsible for what we see in reverse.

I believe in aging gracefully and naturally. I strongly believe in looking good naturally and doing everything to keep our bodies running at optimal capacity which meaning raising collagen stores!

A bit more info about this long chain amino acid

Collagen is the ingredient that keeps the body together. As we age our body loses the ability to effectively produce collagen.
which results in wrinkles in the face and stiff joints in the morning. So in order for ourselves to keep looking and feeling young we should be doing everything to keep our body churning out collagen years to come.

There are supplements on the market to grass fed collagen-peptides to plant based boosters. BUT the most bio-available collagen booster is sitting in your farmers market. Bright and bold vegetables, fruit and berries; dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and chard; bold red veggies like beets and peppers; deeply hued and bright fruits like dark berries and citrus all aid in collagen production. They do this by helping our bodies function properly and properly utilize the collagen proteins.

When our bodies are encouraged to make more collagen we reap the rewards with better skin elasticity, healthy bones and joints and more perfectly better balanced hormones.

Collagen-boosting juice recipe


  • 1 med beet root (and greens)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 1 cup red cabbage
  • 2 hand fulls of spinach or kale
  • 1 knob of ginger
  • 1/2 juice of lemon
  • 1/2 juice of orange


Put all ingredients in a juicer except lemon and orange. Drink immediately for best nutrition and ENJOY.

About Janet Zdichavsky

About Janet Toronto Nutritionist Registered with I.O.N.C. and an Associated Member of Natural Medicine Council Janet provides nutrition counselling for all your health concerns, whether due to diabetes, food allergies, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma and the list extends much more, or weight /fat issues, sports nutrition, tranforming to vegetarian or just wanting to learn how to eat proper balanced meals. Janet is highly educated and experienced in the field of nutrition, natural medicine associate, healthy lifestyle, personal training background, excels with a proven weight loss/anti-aging program and has helped thousands in the GTA for over 10 years.
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