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Janet Zdichavsky is a Toronto nutritionist who believes healthy minds and bodies come from healthy lifestyles. Let Janet inspire you to improve chronic health challenges, lose weight, reach your competitive edge with sports nutrition  and much more.Transform your life now with nutrition!



Do you want to make a significant difference in your health and wellness through sound nutrition counseling? Janet, a reputable seasoned Registered Toronto Nutritionist and an Affiliate Member of the Natural Medicine Council of Ontario with over 12 years of experience, can help you achieve your nutritional and dietary goals in all aspects of your health in sickness and health.

Whether you want to lose weight, learn to make healthier food choices, transition to vegan/vegetarian,  or  need personalized nutrition/meal plans for fitness, sports or athletic programs with a Toronto Sports Nutritionist  Personal Trainer and Health Advisor, Janet will work with you to achieve your objects.

You may have a health condition such as Daibetes, Food Allergies, Crohn’s & Colitis Disease or High Blood Pressure that needs support. Janet will help you transform your health by healing the root cause of your health problem naturally. Eating proper balanced meals, taking supplements, balancing harmones, exercise and stress management can help you slow down the aging process enabling you to live a fit, healthier and longer life and that’s why I, an Anti aging Toronto Nutritionist continue to provide you with up to date scientifically proven programs, products and advice associated with health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, natural medicine and subjects associated with my growing scope of practice in the field of nutrition.


Super Foods & Recipes

Toronto Nutritionist bee pollen winter-acorn-squash

Raw Goji And Pumpkin Seed Power Bars are a good source of plant protein, good fats, and wide range of healthy nutrients in the super foods.

Bee Pollen, a super food containing nearly all the nutrients required by humans. It Normalizes cholesterol levels triglycerides and it’s a Nutrient dense.

Savory acorn winter squash supports cardiovascular health and balance blood sugar levels. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and insulin regulating properties.

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