Toronto Nutritionist Janet Zdichavsky will help you reach your goals and get healthy the natural way!

Make a significant improvement to your health and wellness through sound nutrition counseling.

Janet is a reputable Holistic Nutritionist in Toronto with many years of education and over 17 years of experience in the vast field of nutrition.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition counseling, she is committed to helping you achieve your nutritional and dietary goals in all aspects of your health in sickness and well-being.

Need help getting healthy, for good?

I can help you heal chronic health conditions, and am also the Toronto Weight Loss Nutritionist with the best weight loss program out there for the long term.

Being a Toronto Culinary Nutritionist, I would love to inspire you to prepare more of your own nourishing meals and recipes using whole foods and real ingredients.

Transform your health, body and life now with nutrition!

Diabetes, Crohn’s and Colitis disease, High Blood Pressure, mental wellness, and food allergies.

Modifying your diet with proper nutrition can naturally heal health conditions.

I am determined to help you naturally transform your health condition by healing the root cause.

Once a health ailment or disease has been diagnosed, I will help you with a nutritional plan that will eliminate offensive foods, modifying your diet to support health and healing.

Are you...

Someone trying to lose weight?

Weight loss doesn’t have to come at the price of feeling deprived. My approach will keep you feeling satisfied while ensuring results.

Transitioning into a vegan/raw diet?

With specialized meal plans, food prep tips, and advice on unique dietary needs, you’ll be surprised how easy the transition will feel!

An athlete who needs a specialized meal plan?

With years of experience as a Toronto Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Culinary Nutritionist, I will work with you to achieve your goals.

Over 40, and trying to stay healthy?

I’ll teach you how to prepare delicious balanced meals to slow the aging process down to a crawl and help you live disease-free long-term.

Specialty Programs

12 Week Weight Loss Program

This 12 week weight loss program is health based, informative, and for the long term. I will provide you with unconditional support through your weight loss journey!

Digestive Health

If digestion is off, health issues may occur as our immune system is located in the gut, making digestive health very important to restore.

Cirrhosis of the Liver Program

Cirrhosis of the Liver can be life threatening. It is also the easiest organ to restore nutritionally, without resorting to transplants, drugs, or surgery.

Culinary Nutrition Classes

In these monthly week-end classes with a focus on fermented foods for optimal gut health. Learn to make amazing probiotic foods!

Maurice's Success Story

My weight was over three hundred and ten pounds.

I had serious problems with my heart rate, up to 165bmp and I thought I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted and not focus on nutrition. I knew I needed to do the right thing and seek a Toronto Nutritionist.

In the first week of changing my diet I lost 10-12 pounds. This was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to lose more weight! The following week I lost 5-6 more pounds and I felt much better than before. I started at 310 pounds, with my Toronto Nutritionists help I lost 85 pounds and I am down to 225 pounds! Now with my weight loss Nutritionists help I average a weight loss of 3 pounds a week.

By eating healthy food and going to the gym my life has become happier and healthier. I feel amazing and look younger! Mentally and physically I am so much stronger and I feel like I can achieve anything, because I am happy with self. Thanks, Janet!

Maurice O’Connor
Venue Management,

Live a vibrant life and begin your health transformation now. Call Janet 416-494-0354 for a free 15 minute consultation.

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